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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Leakers and Liars - A Massive Amount of Links to Connect the Dots

There is sooooo much information flying around the Internet about CIA Leaker Mary McCarthy, Dana Priest, William Goodfellow (Priest's husband) and more that I cannot keep up. Rather than trying to repeat and correlate the info, I'm posting all the links that have been posted. Hat Tip to all the FReepers for the great research! You are ALL Great Americans!

Click Away and Have Fun!

Mary McCarthy Links:
Center for Law and Security
9/11 Commission Testimony
Intelligence officials warn of security risks
Free Republic -Fired CIA Leaker Gave To Kerry And The DNC
Captains Quarters Blog -A Sting Operation?
OSS CEO Praises Mary McCarthy, Calls for Censure of DNI & DCI
Strata-Sphere Blog - CIA Leaker Leaked Multiple Times
Free Republic - Schieffer Denounces “Dubious First” Firing of (CIA) Leaker (Mary McCarthy's picture)
Details, Details
The Firing of Mary McCarthy by Larry Johnson - CIA Officer Fired: Clinton's Senior Director Of Intel Programs, Kerry Supporter
Lawhawk blog -Cronyism at the CIA?
Global Security - Statement of Mary O. McCarthy before the National Commission Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
Mary McCarthy - CSIS
CIA Organizational Chart
Knight Center for Specialized Journalism Seminar Fellowships -Seminar for Editorial Writers topic -Who is Winning the War on Terror?
Flopping Aces - The Democrat Mole in the CIA is Fired
NeverYetMelted Blog -Who is Mary O. McCarthy?
NYT - Colleagues Say C.I.A. Analyst Played by Rules
Mark Levin - Who is Mary McCarthy?
Ace of Spades HQ - Did Mary McCarthy Send Joe Wilson To Niger?

Dana Priest Info
Covert Intelligence
Ace of Spades HQ - Dana Priest - High Paid Stenographer
Whose Side Is the Post On? Or Better Yet, Whose Side is the CIA on
Powerline Blog - Dana Priest's Global Show N-Tell

William Goodfellow Info
Washington Peace Center Activist Guide
Latin America Working Group – William Goodfellow

Michigan News -Senators Rockefeller and Durbin May Take Polygraph Tests
John Gibson - The Secret War Against President Bush
Sweetness-Light - Only Leak to Help our Enemies
NeverYetMelted - VIPS - Politics, The Plame Game, War on Terror, CIA Leaks
The New American -Security Risk for CIA
Fox News - Ex CIA Accuse Bush of Manipulating Iraq Evidence
Free Republic - More Wilson Meltdown (Lying Larry Johnson from VIPS Sounds Worried)
All Things Beautiful Blog -Regaining Control of the White House Press Room
Multiple Articles
Insight on the News - The Smear Campaign; Left-wingers have poured money into Bush-hating "527" groups, which straddle a fine line in an all-out effort to defeat the president
Democracy Now - NYT Exposes Cheney's Role in CIA Leak: Cheney Identifies Wilson's Wife as CIA Operative

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