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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What Is It With Georgia??

I love my home state of Georgia. Lately though, it has been tough being a citizen of the Peach State. First Jimmy Carter displays his lack of intellectual honesty by praising Hamas after the Palestinian election. Then Cynthia "I'm a Black Woman" McKinney takes a whack at a Capitol Hill police officer and then plays 52 card pickup with a deck of race cards. Now we have another GA politician flinging out the Card O'Race in the media.

Roberta Abdul-Salaam is a member of the GA House of Representatives. She is now claiming that she has been "touched inappropriately" by officers at the GA Capitol. Abdul-Salaam was at Zsa Zsa McKinney's rally in Atlanta and told reporters about the most recent incident of racial profiling against her at the Capitol...

"Members of the Black Caucus pointed to February 4, the day Coretta Scott King's body was brought to the Capitol for public viewing.
State Representative Roberta Abdul-Salaam was one of the black caucus members who arrived for the viewing.As she pushed the wheelchair of Mrs. King's first cousin, the Rev. Randall Osborn, representative Abdul-Salaam said one of the governor's aides stopped her, even though she was wearing her lawmaker's badge.
“So, to even question who I'm bringing in is an insult. And the way that it was done, on the day that it was done, just added insult to injury,” said Abdul-Salaam."

OMG - lock that man up and throw away the key! (sarc). Let's be clear what Abdul-Salaam is saying here. If you stop a black woman to verify credentials, you are a racist and should be charged with a hate crime. Notice that the cited incident involved a "governor's aide" and made no mention of touching - appropriate or inappropriate.

Not content to make a fool of herself in print media, Abdul-Salaam went on Hannity and Colmes tonight to voice her support of Cynthia McKinney. First Abdul-Salaam claimed white men were putting their hands on African-American women everyday but she does not hear about it happening to other women.

She then offered up this little shocker:
"What I can speak about and what I do know is here in the state of Georgia, in the State Capitol, I have been racially profiled myself along with other members of the Georgia black caucus. I don't know of hearing where any white members of the legislature have had the same experience."

Abdul-Salaam then stated that if it had happened to a "caucasian female" someone would be in jail right now.

According to GA State Trooper Larry Schnall “We haven't had any reports of any problems, concerns by any citizens, and of course the black lawmakers or any lawmakers. We would address that, we take those allegations seriously.” The fact of the matter is this so-called inappropriate touching and racial profiling at the GA State Capitol and in DC is nothing more than an attempt to stir the racism pot and get more face time in the media. Playing the race victim is simply another way to avoid accepting responsibility for your own actions. It is all about a lack of accountability.

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