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Monday, May 22, 2006

Dean Denies Allergy to Chocolate

Put the popcorn away and get the crow out... Drudge is backing off the story that Dean and the DNC were backing Landrieu in the NO Mayor's race.

"The DNC says the report is "unequivocally and absolutely false." DNC Communications director Karen Finney explained: "The DNC does not as a policy get involved in Democratic primaries... The only thing that the DNC did was a campaign helping ensure that displaced voters had an opportunity to vote."
The DRUDGE REPORT takes chairman Dean and his spokesman at their word."

One thing you've gotta admit - at least Drudge followed up and backed down on his claim when he was wrong. Unlike some OTHER websites that have been featured prominently lately. At least Matt didn't offer up some lame clarification like "business hours" and "partial apologies"...

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