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Monday, May 22, 2006

Stop Your Googling! First the Enemedia - Now Google

There is a disturbing post over at Newsbusters about Google removing conservative websites from news searches due to "hate speech". One of the sites involved is The New Media Journal (formerly called The Rant). I am a bit biased about Frank's site since he has published several of my articles and promoted both my books. While definitely a conservative website, The New Media Journal does not promote or encourage "hate speech" (unless calling terrorists "murderers" and islamofascists "terrorists" counts as hate speech.)

Noel Sheppard has more here. Looks like The Jawa Report has been removed also for the dreaded "hate speech".

Now keep in mind that Google's "team" has contributed large sums of $$ to Dems. According to WND " gave 99% to Democrats -- $463,500 versus $5,000 to Republicans in 2000, 2002 and 2004.

Still don't believe that Google has a bias. Try this...

Type "failure" (using the quotation marks) in Google Search and click on "I Feel Lucky". Where did it take you?

Type "liar" in Google Search and click on "I Feel Lucky". Where did it take you?

Thanks to a whacked out Lib and a thing called "Google Bombs", the above little ha-ha's have been going on since 2003. See here and here. Despite knowing about it, Google has not corrected this disgusting insult to the President of the United States.

I know that I am just one little fish in the big pond of the Internet but I am deleting my Google toolbar. I am also researching other hosting possibilites for Chickenhawk Express since "blogger" is a Google product. Meanwhile, try any of the following Search Engines - Dogpile, Clusty, or ZabaSearch. Google doesn't need the $$ anyway - they've got Daddy Warbucks Soros to help keep the coffers full.

Here's the link to The New Media Journal's report on the whole nasty story.

The New Media Journal now has a list of Anti-Google Search Engines here.

Read more here including some interesting connections to the censorship and CAIR...

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