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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Larry Johnson Is Now Backing Up the "Rove Indicted" Claims

Dear Lord... It MUST be a full moon. Our favorite leaker and anonymous source, you know the one that is so tight with Val P., Larry Johnson is now backing up plagiarist Jason Leopold's "Rove Indicted" claim. According to a post at the "Pit of Despair" (aka DU), Johnson got it straight from the horse's ass - Joe Wilson.

"It is not just Jason Leopold. Joe Wilson heard the same from other sources. And, more importantly, Jason is reporting based on multiple, more than two, sources. His editors realized what a big story this is and did the appropriate checking before posting. They are called Truth Out for a reason. Getting the truth out."

Of course there is no way of knowing if this is the REAL Larry Johnson or not but he is such a spotlight hog, I would not put it past him. But once again we have more "sources" confirming "sources' claims". The inmates are writhing in anticipation of the "frog march"... Stay tuned for more details.

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