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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Leopold Changing Story of Rove Indictment

Over at the Pit of Despair, the inmates were getting restless about the lack of frogmarching for Rove. After all on Saturday, Jason Leopold said Rove had 24 hours "to get his affairs in order". The moonbats are calling it a media blackout conspiracy because not one SINGLE MEDIA OUTLET is reporting the pending frog march.

So in order to calm the masses, Will Pitt - the genius responsible for TruthOut (whose motto should be "We Leave the Truth Out") - threw the inmates a bone...

In point of fact, those 24 hours are "business hours," i.e. starting on Monday."Jeez, Jason," I said, "we might want to put that into the essay. Half the planet thought 24 hours was 24 hours. They thought the deal would go down today."

Oh Okay. So Leopold left out a few words that changes the entire timeline of the report - something he is well known for. Note to Pitt and Leopold - 24 hours IS 24 hours in the REAL world.

So now the deadline is Tuesday or Wednesday. Since Leopold did not specify which Tuesday or Wednesday or even the year, look for further clarifications to be made. Pitt has since corrected the original story over at Truth Out - something a lot of editors have to do with Jason Leopold's stories...

I'll keep following this and post back when any new info crops up. Yes I will sacrifice what little sanity I have by diving in to the Pit of Despair... It's a dirty job but someone has to do it...

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