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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hypocrisy and Irony - Kerry, Murtha and TruthOut

I feel like Raul Julia in The Addams Family - "Has the world gone mad?" Take a look at some random statements and articles from today courtesy of Kerry, Murtha and TruthOut.

John Kerry speaking on the floor of the Senate...
"Kerry, a Vietnam War veteran who was criticized during his 2004 presidential run for not disavowing his vote to authorize force in Iraq, said it was time for him to take a position.
"I believe young lives are being lost needlessly," he said. "I'm not going to stay here as a U.S. senator and add names to the Iraqi wall or whatever memorial we have because I didn't take a stand."

Gee John - was that before or after you voted for then against the Iraq War spending bill? John Kerry wouldn't know a stand if it slapped him upside his long face. Does this mean if his little cut and run amendment doesn't pass he will leave the Senate? Nah - he'll change his position on that too.

Mark Ashe and TruthOut just do not know when to let it go... NOW he is claiming that Joe Lauria lied in his WaPo article about Jason Leopold. I don't think Ashe is a good judge of truth tellers...

"The Post published Lauria's article as an opinion piece, but Lauria used that platform to present fact - fact without documentation. In reference to our report that a grand jury has returned an indictment of Karl Rove (a report that we do stand by), Lauria writes, "The report set off hysteria on the Internet, and the mainstream media scrambled to nail it down. Only ... it wasn't true." He is stating - as a fact - a premise that he does not even attempt to document or substantiate, and the Post is a willing host."

WHAT is there to substantiate about Leopold's fake story? Rove was not indicted - that in itself is a fact. Notice that now, instead of "standing down", Truthout is standing by the story.

"For the record, since the entire basis for Lauria's story is a poorly defined, and factually uncorroborated version of events promulgated by Karl Rove's public relations contractor, I think Lauria's getting a free ride to notoriety from the Post. Apparently Lauria recognized that there was a hot market for hit pieces on Jason Leopold and TO. The Washington Post was buying, and Lauria was all to happy to cash in."

Substitute "Leopold" for "Lauria" and "Karl Rove" in that above snippet and you have a true statement. Otherwise, it's just ridiculous (as this whole Rove Indicted thing is).

"We urge The Post and Lauria to meet the same standard that we have been held to these past weeks - account for your statements, please."

Hello? Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle... Even my dog is laughing at that statement.... (ok it's not really my dog but the pic still fits)


Lastly, we have Murtha posting another little screed over at Huff and Puff LaLa Land...

"I am appalled that while manning a traffic checkpoint near Baghdad, three of our valiant soldiers were ambushed, one killed on the spot and two kidnapped, tortured and brutally killed. It is essential that we find the circumstances of their deaths. Why were they in such an isolated situation without additional back-up and who is responsible for these heinous acts?"

So Murtha is criticizing and blaming the military because the soldiers were "isolated". This man has no shame. Hey Murtha - we KNOW who is responsible for these heinous acts - the Terrorists! And those that have undercut our soldiers with false and exaggerated claims of cold blooded murder. (take a look in the mirror buddy).

"Despite our most strenuous security efforts in the Baghdad area over the past several days, this area continues to be rocked by violent attacks, kidnapping and murderous acts, frequently aimed at our troops."

Using your own words from last week, WHO is doing the fighting in Iraq? It certainly is not you - so why are you claiming to be involved in strenuous security efforts? Why is the area rocked by attacks against our troops? Once again - pull out your trusty mirror and see who shares part of the blame...

"Consider these facts: Very little of the insurgency in Iraq is made up of foreign fighters. Less than 7 percent, and even less are Al Qaeda, maybe 750 to 1,000. 47 percent of Iraqis feel they are justified to kill Americans."

I'm sorry but "facts" offered up by Code Pink do not qualify as "facts" in the real world. How about telling us where you are getting these statistics from for a change.

"When I retired from the Marine Corp, I was given a plaque that said, "Complete Victory is knowing your enemy."

We know who the enemy is and it is not just the terrorists in Iraq. Take a look in the mirror and you'll have a "complete victory" because you will see one of the enemies. It is you!

note - edited the title to correct a spelling boo-boo on 06.24.06 at 0143.

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