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Saturday, June 24, 2006

If It Is So Safe, You Take It Home

This is Rant #1 for today... Who knows how many more there will be tonight what with the mood I'm in...

The WMD issue has all the Lefties in a total meltdown and crackup. Some are saying things that I know they will end up regretting but that's what happens when you try to claim that "something" is a "nothing".

Now the Left is attempting to redefine the term Weapons of Mass Destruction. William Arkin from the Washington Post writes,

"The term WMD has also become so expansive as to become meaningless."
[only when uncovered by soldiers under the command of President Bush]

"The threshold for labeling something WMD in this world is low, if it exists at all."
[ok - so now WMD is another Rovian exaggeration parroted by President Bush and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy]

Larry ("Rove Drove His Mother to Suicide") Johnson goes a step further...

"Mustard gas and sarin gas are not Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are potential Mass Casualty Weapons, but they do not cause 'mass destruction'. They can cause mass casualties but, fortunately, are not very reliable weapon systems."
[I guess weapons of mass death are less stomach wrenching than weapons of mass destruction]

"Chemical weapons are more of a nuisance, a potentially deadly nuisance, but they are not nuclear weapons. A nuke is a genuine mass destruction weapon."
[When I think of a nuisance, I think of telemarketers that call at supper time and ex-CIA members running around claiming to be experts after only serving for 4 years approximately 18 years ago... Having my entire nervous system shut down and suffocating to death or having 3rd degree burn type blisters peeling my skin off is a little more than a nuisance to me.]

Leave it to Johnson to spout off some TruthOut talking points...
"We were warned of imminent mushroom clouds and unmanned aerial vehicles spritzing amusement parks with deadly biological agents."
[I re-read President Bush's State of the Union Address but missed the part about mushrooms and amusement parks. Is that a Joe Wilson interpretation?]

But Arkin gets the prize for actually admitting that WMDs were in Iraq in 2003 and that Saddam Hussein hid them from UN Inspectors...
"Only an idiot would argue that, in 2003, Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein's government surely concealed whatever it could from UN Inspectors, including items for which Baghdad and the UN had failed to account following the first Gulf War, despite eight years of meticulous effort from 1991-1998."

Hey Larry - I think Mr. Arkin is calling you an idiot.

So the Sarin and Mustard Gas were too degraded to do any harm? Every pundit and analyst that makes such claims should be required to take a sample home and open it up in their house. We'll see just how harmless they REALLY think they are. If you are not willing to expose your family to it, then SHUT UP and let the soldiers finish the job.

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