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Saturday, June 24, 2006

ACLU Wants to Review Haditha Docs

Rant #2 - The ACLU... Just saying those letters makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Is there anything the ACLU won't do to undermine the United States? And why are my tax dollars paying for them to shoot my country in the ass?

Now the ACLU thinks they can do a better job investigating the Haditha incident than the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The ACLU has filed ANOTHER Freedom of Information Act requesting the records "relating to any killing of civilians by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan since January 1, 2005". Funny they didn't get all up in arms and start requesting records about all the civilians killed by Saddam Hussein, the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Oh yeah - why would they? This is all about America and destroying it from within!

Jameel Jaffer said that "the intentional killing of civilians is a profounding serious violation of both domestic and international law". No kidding! So why no outrage about Saddam Hussein? Why no outrage about innocent Americans killed by the barbarians? Did the ACLU release any statements condemning the terrorists for the brutal torture and murder of our two soldiers this past week? I didn't think so.

Jaffer continued to pontificate - "The request we filed today is meant to encourage an investigation that is credible and comprehensive." Oh Bull Crap! It was meant to encourage other whackadoodles to hop onto the "military is bad" bandwagon and further your socialist agenda. Thank you but I trust the military's investigation so much more than the distorted ravings of some Blame America First Nambla Loving Organization such as the ACLU.

And while I'm on the subject, Reuters is as disgusting as the ACLU. Note this line in their article...
"The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating but SO FAR no charges have been filed." (emphasis mine)
SO FAR? Why not just convict them and lock them up? Is there some magic media crystal ball that can show you that the soldiers will be charged in the near future?

Reuters also perpetuates the myth of the "budding journalism" student's video...
"A journalism student working through an Iraqi human rights group passed video of bodies and homes from Haditha to TIME magazine."

Here is the above statement re-worded to reflect the facts as WE all know them...
"An activist claiming to be a journalism student and one of two members of a sham Iraqi human rights group gave a video of some dead bodies and some homes from somewhere in Iraq taken at some time between November 2005 and February 2006 to TIME."

We're on to you al-Reuters. Please report the facts, not TIME's sanitized ass-covering version of the story. I realize that is a foreign concept but try it - you might like it.

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