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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who Needs Gorelick's Wall When You've Got the NYT?

I haven't posted about the NYT's shameless publication of more national security information until now because, frankly, what I felt like saying would have had Chickenhawk Express banned forever. Exposing the NSA monitoring of suspected terrorist phone calls wasn't enough for the slugs at the Times. It didn't do any damage to national security according to Lichtblau so I guess he and Risen had to take another stab at it.

In the same article on Editor & Publisher, Lichtblau claims...
"...the pendulum, as fas as public disclosure versus national security, has swung in the direction of public disclosure."
Oh yeah? Whose pendulum - certainly not the majority of Americans since they disagreed with your NSA "fake scandal" exposure. Contrary to what you may want to believe Mr. Lichtblau, we did not elect you to a political office. Who put YOU and Risen in charge of national security decisions? WHY do you have the unmitigated gall to put our country at risk while claiming it is in the public's interest? Are terrorist attacks in our public interest? Not in my world but obviously in your little spider hole.

There are no words to express my utter contempt and unadulterated hatred of the NYT and the deadly triumvirate of Risen, Lichtblau and Keller. You would think that living in NYC would have made the trio more sensitive to the needs of a comprehensive and classified national security program. But their job as mouthpieces for the DNC and its little minions overrides any consideration for anything but themselves. Hell, they have probably cleared another space on their mantles for this article's Pulitzer Prize. At this rate their next trophy could be thousands of more dead Americans. How will they put THAT prize on their mantle?

Those of us that are truly concerned for the national security of our country and our families have fought against enemies much more devastating than the terrorists. We've had to fight back against the likes of the NYT, LA Times, Kerry, Dean, Soros and all the other little demented freaks that are so obsessed with getting back at President Bush that everything else pales in comparison. It is an obsession that clouds every iota of rational thought - a deadly virus that eats at the common sense portion of their brains.

Which CIA squealer let this deadly cat out of the bag? Who is the cowardly schmuck that spilled the beans? This "former senior counterterrorism official" prefers to remain anonymous because he knows what he is spewing is harmful. Which one of the ignorant VIPS members tossed the USA in the trash for your scoop?

Was it another one of Larry Johnson's missions? He leaks worse than the Titanic and has the potential for just as much damage. How many other "former senior counterterrorism officials" describe tracking terrorist financing as a "Rosetta Stone"? That is how one of your anonymous sources described the SWIFT program - "...SWIFT, a former government official said, was 'the mother lode, the Rosetta Stone' for financial data". Johnson used the same term in an interview about uncovering a money trail to the terrorists...

"That could end up being the Rosetta Stone which breaks this thing wide open. And so once again we'll have the ultimate irony of these religious zealots and fanatics being done in by greed."

After all, Johnson is cited as a "former counterterrorism official" in any article he writes or when he is quoted as an "expert". Case in point...
"Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA analyst and State Department counterterrorism official."

"Larry Johnson is a former CIA analyst and counterterrorism official at the State Department."

And we can't forget his connections to Joe Wilson, Jason Leopold, Mary McCarthey, Ray McGovern, etc. etc. etc. Or Johnson's bragging about still having contact with people in the know...

"Again, I have been talking to some people who are privy to the intelligence who are professionals, not politicians."

But I digress... Now back to the NYT... I challenge each and every person that is as appalled as I am to contact Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and DEMAND an investigation into this deliberate attempt to harm America. We are at war and it is time that our enemedia be held as accountable as the media holds our military heroes. In the enemedia's eyes a soldier protecting himself on the battlefield is easily classified as a "murderer". Shouldn't we give these despicable creatures that claim to be journalists the same benefit of the doubt?

Bill Lalor posted an amazing piece about his thoughts on the whole NYT issue over at American Thinker. It should be required reading for everyone as angry as me. Here is the final paragraph of Lalor's piece which sums it up quite nicely...

"But laws are advocated, and interpreted, in light of the exigencies of the day, and especially where national defense is at issue, they must be aggressively enforced and tested at critical times. With the cancer of Islamic jihad metastasizing around the U.S., this is very much such a time, and I believe the Justice Department should aggressively seek to protect America’s interests, like any lawyer is bound to do for a client, and pursue an indictment of the New York Times and those responsible for violating the law."

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