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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Fitzmas! Heads Exploding All Over Liberal Land!

FOX News just broke in with a "news alert" and reported that Patrick Fitzgerald is NOT seeking an indictment on Karl Rove. According to Jim Angle, there was no evidence against Rove involving the fake Plame Leak issue.

In an ironic (and fitting) twist, Jason Leopold released another "Rove Has Been Super Secretly Indicted" article on TruthOut yesterday. This effectively eliminates all credibility (although there was no credibility in my eyes) of Will Pitt, Leopold, Joe Wilson, Larry Johnson and the entire left side of the universe. That huge boom you heard at approximately 0715 EST was the sound of heads exploding in Raving Moonbat land.

There goes that 2006 Election talking point... I'll be back later with reactions from the DUmp and KOS kids - I'm sure it will be priceless...

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