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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TIME Touts Terrorists Use of Haditha Article for Recruiting

FrauBudgie from Red Hot Cuppa Politics posed a great search topic - When did Al Qaeda get the Haditha incident video to use for recruiting? Did TIME get scooped by Al Qaeda? Well after an evening of searching and following dead links, I could not find any info about the timeline. But, you know me, I'll keep digging and digging until I have exhausted all possibilities.

BUT I noticed that TIME was pretty proud of their story getting picked up and used by terrorist groups in Iraq. Here's the snippet in the TIME article, "Picking Up the Pieces in Haditha"...

"Insurgent groups have actually made more of the massacre. Within days of TIME's story (which was picked up by the Arab media), pamphlets appeared in Haditha, congratulating 'those who participated in exposing the dirty deeds of the Americans'. The pamphlets were released by a group using the name 'Islamic Resistance' - a cover for the terrorist group Ansar al-Sunnah. TIME's story was cited in websites and Internet bulletin boards known to be used by insurgent groups."

Boy I bet the reporters' Moms are really proud. The article is being used by TERRORISTS (not the benign "insurgents") as a recruiting tool for more jihadists to kill and maim our soldiers. Not to mention the innocent civilians used as shields or killed by terrorists as a "set up" for an American massacre. But hey - anything to make President Bush and our military look bad.

Over at FReeperville, Backhoe has compiled a massive list of links about the Haditha incident on a thread titled Haditha- Horror... or Hoax? You can get there from here.

Also a big pat on the back and ATTABOY to Sweetness and Light for the article in the Washington Times today. For those that have not visited S&L, I strongly encourage you to do so. It's a great source for factual information and some fun discussions.

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