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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saddam, Al Qaeda and Amnesia on the Left Part I

Sick of hearing the left bleat "there's no connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda"? Sick of hearing "Bush's war", "Bush lied", yada yada yada?

Well Chickenhawk Express has a solution for you. Beginning tonight on this little old blog, Chickenhawk Express is giving her readers a gift of facts - facts that may come in handy when faced with a foaming at the mouth moonbat or a KOSkid troll that wants to "F*&^ you with a tire iron".

Tonight's installment is called - A Severe Case of 90's Amnesia... (note - the links to some articles are too old and do not work so many of the links are to articles posted at FreeRepublic but that in no way detracts from the facts)...

Bin Laden Indicted -November 12, 1998
"Mary Jo White, the U.S. attorney for the Southern Distict of New York, at a November 4 news conference said that bin Laden was charged with "plotting and carrying out the most heinous acts of international terrorism and murder."
Accused of Terrorism Campaign-- The November 4 indictment charged bin Laden with leading an extensive terrorist conspiracy that started in 1989. Bin Laden allegedly worked in collusion with governments--including those of Sudan, Iraq and Iran--as well as with terrorist groups, to construct weapons and carry out attacks on American military installations.
The indictment also alleged that Al-Qaeda had tried to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons; supported extremists in more than 20 countries; trained Somalis who killed 18 American soldiers in Mogadishu in 1993 and carried out the two U.S. embassy bombings in Africa."

You can read the actual indictment here in pdf format.

1999 Newsweek: Saddam + Bin Laden? America's two enemies are courting.
Newsweek January 11, 1999 Dickey, Christopher, Vistica, Gregory L., Watson, Russell

"Here's what is known so far: Saddam Hussein, who has a long record of supporting terrorism, is trying to rebuild his intelligence network overseas--assets that would allow him to establish a terrorism network. U.S. sources say he is reaching out to Islamic terrorists, including some who may be linked to Osama bin Laden, the wealthy Saudi exile accused of masterminding the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa last summer. U.S. intelligence has had reports of contacts between low-level agents. Saddam and bin Laden have interests--and enemies--in common. Both men want U.S. military forces out of Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden has been calling for all-out war on Americans, using as his main pretext Washington's role in bombing and boycotting Iraq. Now bin Laden is engaged in something of a public-relations offensive, having granted recent interviews, one for NEWSWEEK (following story). He says ``any American who pays taxes to his government'' is a legitimate target."

1999 ABC News Report : The Osama - Hussein Connection
Radio America January 1999 ABC News

"With an American price on his head, there weren't many places bin Laden could go, unless he teamed up with another international pariah, one also with an interest in weapons of mass destruction. Osama believes in the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend, and someone I should cooperate with.' That is certainly the current case with Iraq. Saddam Hussein has a long history of harboring terrorists: Carlos the Jackal, Abu Nida, Abu Abbas. The most notorious terrorist of their era all found shelter and support at one time in Baghdad.
Intelligence sources say bin Laden's long relationship with the Iraqis began as he helped Sudan's fundamentalist government in their efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Three weeks after the bombing, on August 31st, bin Laden reaches out to his friends in Iraq and Sudan. Iraq's vice president arrives in Khartoon to show his support for the Sudanese after the US attack.
ABC News has learned that during these meetings, senior Sudanese officials, acting on behalf of bin Laden, asked if Saddam Hussein would grant him asylum.
Iraq was indeed interested. ABC News has learned that in December, an Iraqi intelligence chief, named Farouk Hijazi, now Iraq's ambassador to Turkey, made a secret trip to Afghanistan to meet with bin Laden. Three intelligence agencies tell ABC News they cannot be certain what was discussed, but almost certainly, they say, bin Laden has been told he would be welcome in Baghdad.''
And intelligent sources say that they can only speculate on the purpose of an alliance. What could bin Laden offer Saddam Hussein? Only days after he meets Iraqi officials, bin Laden tells ABC news that his network is wide and there are people prepared to commit terror in his name who he does not even control."

Saddam link to Bin Laden
THE GUARDIAN 2/6/1999 Julian Borger

"Vincent Cannistraro [my comment - Cannistrato is or was a member of VIPS along with Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern, etc], former chief of CIA counter-terrorist operations, said: "Hijazi went to Afghanistan in December and met with Osama, with the knowledge of the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar. We are sure about that. What is the source of some speculation is what transpired."
Ahmed Allawi, a senior member of the opposition Iraqi National Congress (INC), based in London, said he had heard reports of the December meeting which he believed to be accurate. "There is a long history of contacts between Mukhabarat [Iraqi secret service] and Osama bin Laden," he said. Mr Hijazi, formerly director of external operations for Iraqi intelligence, was "the perfect man to send to Afghanistan".
Analysts believe that Mr Hijazi offered Mr bin Laden asylum in Iraq, most likely in return for co-operation in launching attacks on US and Saudi targets. Iraqi agents are believed to have made a similar offer to the Saudi maverick leader in the early 1990s when he was based in Sudan.
Although he rejected the offer then, Mamoun Fandy, a professor of Middle East politics at Georgetown University, said Bin Laden's position in Afghanistan is no longer secure after the Saudi monarchy cut off diplomatic relations with, and funding for, the Taleban militia movement, which controls most of the country."

So my friends, here is your first installment on the Iraq/Al Qaeda Connection. More to follow tomorrow. Feel free to use this information all over the Internet. If the enemedia will not report the truth and the facts, I will.

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