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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yes I Am Dancing on his Grave

Believe it or not there are actually people in the United States of America that are decrying the euphoric reactions to Zarqawi's death. Comments such as "I don't condone any murder" and "He deserved a trial" are the norm over at the DUmp. My favorites are those that claim this was nothing more than a ruse to kick the "Haditha Massacre" off the front page. Then there are some mental midgets that believe the "leopard print nightgown" found at the bombing site is some sort of Rovian plot.

Not me... I am dancing on this piece of crap murdering SOB's grave. If that's not PC, too bad.

This isn't PC either...

BTW - as if Bill Maher wasn't offensive enough, HBO is airing another Bush Bash-A-Thon tonight - Lewis Black's "Red, White and Screwed" Stand Up 'Comedy' show. Now that The Sopranos is done for a few months, I think I'll cancel my HBO subscription and use the money saved to contribute to the Freedom Alliance.

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