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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Wayne Madsen Tin Foil Hat Theory Exposed As A LIE

I love moments like this... When you can expose one of the loony lefts' tin foil hat theories as a complete and total lie. It's almost as much fun as choke slamming Triple H through the Spanish announcer's table.

Earlier this week, I posted about Wayne Madsen and his latest "Mother Ship" theory. Madsen claimed that Israel was using chemical weapons and depleted uranium in Lebanon. Well that post earned me some vile and nasty names and even a threat against my personal safety from either Madsen or one of his mewling syncophants.

If THEY thought that post was bad - wait till they get a load of this one...

From the Wayne Madsen Report...
"July 20, 2006 -- WMR reported that the Israeli military was using poison gas on villages in south Lebanon. According to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon (below) is a chemical weapon delivery device. It is being handled by an Israeli Defense Force soldier and Hebrew lettering can be clearly seen on the armored vehicle. Another chemical weapons shell of the same type can be seen lying on the ground to the right. It is not known what type of chemical is in the chemical canister, however, gas dropped by the Israelis in villages in southern Lebanon has resulted in severe vomiting among the civilian population.
Media commentators have scoffed that Israel, with its relatively unique history, would ever use chemical weapons or poison gas in any war. It is precisely because of that perception that they are using such weapons. The deniability factor prevents the media from taking seriously the credible reports of banned weapons being used by the Israelis."

Included with the article were the following pictures...

Below the pics was this caption: "Israel using chemical delivery weapons in Lebanon. Fuse and chemical canister can be clearly seen in photo of Israel Defense Force personnel in Lebanon. Drawing of chemical weapon is from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons."

As usual, several FReepers thought this pic was quite unusual. At first it was believed that it was photo-shopped because of the lack of a shadow from the rocket and other unusual images. After some research, I found three images taken by an AFP Photographer. One of the three images was the one above left.

Another FReeper kept on digging and found this little nugget - describing a Carpet Minefield Breaching System here...

The system is a unique implementation of fuel-air explosive technology. It is an autonomous add-on kit that can be quickly fitted in the field to any armored vehicle. For minefield breaching, up to 20 rockets are fired in a rapid sequence. The number of rockets used is tailored for the type of target engaged.
At the impact point, each rocket disperses a spray of fuel above the target area, to form the fuel-air explosive cloud. The detonation creates a strong impulse over a wide area, which triggers most mines, regardless of terrain, foliage or man-made obstacles. The explosion clears a safe passage, wide enough for safe movement of all combat vehicles. Firing a salvo of rockets from a distance of 65-165 meters from the forward edge of the minefield, Carpet enables breaching a considerable path in one minute.

A picture of the Carpet Mine was included. DING DING DING - We Got A Winnah!!!

Compare the Carpet Minefield Breaching System with the "Chemical Munition" cited in Wayne Madsen's article....

Another Whackadoodle Tinfoil Hat Theory exposed for the flat out lie that it really is. For someone with an "intelligence" background, Mr. Madsen sure doesn't know how to do simple research. DAMN - Busted by FReepers! Just call us Buckhead II... I guess Madsen will have to go back to reporting such vital national security items such as claims that President Bush is drinking again, the divorce plans for the President and the First Lady and the bisexuality of President Bush and Tony Blair.

Props and Chickenhawk Salutes to my fellow FReepers... mware, tcrlaf, dfwright and all the other FReepers at THIS post.

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