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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Putting the Media on Notice

Once again the media is completely silent on the charges of murder against Spec. Nathan Lynn in Iraq being dropped. According to a Google News Search, there were 70+ hits for the original story of the allegations. As of a few minutes ago, there was only ONE hit for the story about charges being dropped.

Having reached the end of my rope with the media failing to report on the second exoneration (this week) of our soldiers while bleating continuously about "allegations", I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sent the following email to the editors of the publications that had reported on the allegations but failed to report on the dropped charges...

Dear (Editor),
Since the (insert media outlet here) reported on the allegation of murder against Spec. Nathan Lynn in Iraq, I thought your paper would like to report that the charges have been dropped.

Thank you in advance for ensuring that this soldier's name is cleared.

It was probably a useless effort but at least the editors will be put on notice that someone in the United States has noticed their obvious bias against our heroes.

Feel free to copy and use my email or expand on my idea. Let me know if you take any action and what results you got. I'll post any replies to my emails here as updates... (but I expect there will be none)...

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