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Saturday, July 22, 2006

When Caught In A Lie Just Keep Making Things Up

Earlier today MD Conservative predicted the "liberal excuse" for Wayne Madsen's false claim about Israel using Chemical Weapons...

"You people are so stupid. You find pictures to support your theory, but you’re wrong. Israel is using chemical weapons against Lebanon. They are just smart about it, you can note that in the info page about the munitions the canister is white. The Israeli forces disguise their weapons, in the real photo the MISSILE has an orange stripe on it, that so obviously means it is “special.”

Little did MD know but Madsen came up with almost an identical excuse for claiming the mine breaching system was a chemical weapon used by Israel. From WMR (Wayne Madsen Report)... [Note of caution: WMR has posted a graphic photo of a dead child at the link as proof that Israel is using White Phosphorus]

"U.S. military intelligence sources have told WMR that the artillery shell shown below being used by an Israel Defense Force member in Lebanon, is a type of dual and multi-use weapon the neocons falsely accused Saddam Hussein of possessing. Although the canister artillery shell is marketed as an anti-land mine fuel-air bomb, its payload can also include the chemicals used in thermobaric bombs, white phosphorous weapons, and chemical weapons. "


"U.S. military intelligence experts believe the ease at which the Israeli soldier is handling the artillery shell is an indication that the payload contains light-weight gas and not a fuel-air mixture or thermobaric bomb components"

I am far from a weapons expert but I can read and do research. According to the Rafael Systems website (the manufacturer of the Carpet Minefield Breaching System), the rocket weighs 46 kg - approx 100 lbs. I don't know how much the IDF soldier in the picture can bench press so I am unable to draw a conclusion as to the weight of the rocket.

According to the Defense Update website, the range of the rocket is 65 to 165 meters - that is approx 71 to 181 yards. Is that a little too close for dispersal of chemical weapons? I know I would not want to be that close.

The Defense Update website also reports that France will have the Carpet Minefield Breaching System in 2007...

France will field the Carpet system in 2007. The French Army plans to buy 12 AMX-B2 EBG combat engineering vehicle, which will be mount the armored, pyrotechnic anti-tank mine clearing systems (French abbreviations: SDPMAC) - employing 20 Carpet rockets.

Since the French are not known for being "warmongers", I find it hard to believe they would purchase a chemical weapon delivery system.

Seeing that Madsen's track record is so bad that even the inmates at Democratic Underground take his reports with a grain of salt, I'm sticking with my previous determination about Madsen's claims. But if you need more FACTUAL information, here is a video demonstrating the Carpet Minefield Breaching System...

Carpet - Mine Breaching System

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