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Monday, December 11, 2006

Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks the ACLU

Chuck Norris has a great piece posted at World Net Daily about the ACLU and religious freedom. At this time of the year when the ACLU is doing its best to keep Christ out of Christmas, his column is a must read for any concerned about the path our country is taking.

Norris has also come up with a great new name for the ACLU - The Abolishing Christian Legacy Union. Here's a snip from his article...

While allegedly fighting against the tyranny of the majority, the ACLU itself rules religiously by litigation, lobbying, and supporting counter-culture Christian movements.
So who died and appointed the ACLU as America's religious constitutional watchdog?
Membership for the ACLU is only 500,000. America's population is 300 million. I think it's time that we helped them feel their size!

Chuck didn't mention Stop the ACLU but that organization has been at the front of fighting back against the moral decay espoused by the ACLU. (Did I mention that I am the Assistant to the Director of the Stop the ACLU Coalition?) Pop over to Stop the ACLU and sign up to help out or donate some $$. Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW have you noticed that Conservatives
have this as a spokesperson...

While the Left has this...

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