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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Communist Goal Achieved

Ted "Splash" Kennedy announced today that he was submitting the Employee Free Choice Act for consideration. What exactly is the bloviating blowhard trying to push through?

According to the AFL-CIO website, the Employee Free Choice Act has bipartisan support. Obviously someone needs to go back to Math 101 because 3 Republicans out of 231 House co-sponsors hardly makes it bipartisan. Not a surprise but all members of the Socialist... oops I mean Progressive Caucus are co-sponsors.

Another point overlooked by the media's coverage (and I am just shocked) is the political leanings of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Thanks to Discover the Network, here is the lowdown on Mr. Sweeney...

Card-carrying member of Democratic Socialists of America, and therefore believes that capitalism itself should be eliminated

While President of the Service Employees International Union was a "double-dipper," pocketing more than $449,000 in unjustified pay from the New York City local union he used to head

Repealed an AFL-CIO rule prohibiting Communists from being leaders of its member unions

Instituted "Union Summer" program to radicalize union activists and inculcate class warfare ideas and tactics

"Union Summer" participants must recite a "Working Class Commitment" pledge that says "we belong to the only class with a future"

Looks like we can put a checkmark next to #36 on the list of Communist Goals.

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