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Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Haditha Marine Family Speaks

Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich is a Marine charged in the Haditha incident. His story has received more attention than the others because he actually spoke out against John "Slow Bleed" Murtha. Staff Sgt Wuterich and his family have been subjected to intense scrutiny ever since Murtha decided the Marines were guilty without a trial. I can't imagine what a situation like this does to someone, much less their Mom and Dad.

Rosemarie & David Wuterich recently wrote an article that was published on FreeRepublic. It really tugs at your heart and gives a small glimpse into the pain and turmoil this family has endured... and continues to endure... Here is a few pieces from the article...

Frank had been considering a military career for a couple of years. He enlisted in the Marine Corps under the Delayed Entry Program on July 1, 1997, just a few months before he began his senior year in high school. Although he had planned to play in the Marine Corps band, things didn't work out and he enlisted in the infantry. We were always amazed at how he was able to juggle the Maine Corps, school, sports, a part-time job and a social life but he did so with determination.

We know our son is innocent, we know he has done nothing wrong, we know he was following the "Rules of Engagement." He is a Marine who was doing the job he was trained to do. To Time magazine, John Murtha and Alan Colmes we say: "How dare you? How dare you condemn our Marines for doing their job? There have been NO Article 32 hearings, NO convictions, NO confessions! Yet you deem it necessary to tarnish their reputations without any facts." The misinformation, the "leaks", the media "sensationalism" makes our blood boil and our hearts break.

Through all of this adversity Frank has maintained his innocence with dignity and held his head up high. He is a great Marine, a loving son, father, husband and brother. He is kind, has great character, and loves his country. He is OUR SON, OUR HERO!

The treatment the Marines accused in the Haditha incident have received has been dreadful to say the least. They voluntarily put themselves in harms way while insurgents clothed as civilians attempt to kill them. They took an oath to serve and protect yet the media and Murtha take the word of people that are willing to sacrifice their own life for martyrdom.

The media, who were willing to give Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson the benefit of the doubt, refuse to do the same for these Marines. Murtha and his cronies in the Progressive Caucus claim to support the troops but then call them cold blooded killers. It's as if the world has flipped upside down...

Please pop over to Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich's website and drop him a word of support. You can also donate directly to his defense fund. Our Marines deserve so much better than the treatment they have received.

While you're surfing around the net, check out this article by Jayme Evans "This Is My Rifle". It sums everything up in quite a way.

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