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Friday, February 09, 2007

Colmes Claims Murtha Was Right About Haditha Marines

Man oh man... just when I'm getting ready to wind down for the night... Tonight's Hannity & Colmes featured an interview with Col. Oliver North. The subject was the media coverage of Iraq and the ass William Arkin. Now I know Colmes is a Liberal and defends anyone that goes against President Bush but his comments during this interview were outrageous and an outright lie.

Here's my own transcript:
Colmes: Murtha turned out to have correct information. Dick Durbin was talking about treatment gitmo specifically.
Col. North: Alan, let's deal with these one at a time.
Colmes: We don't have a lot of time but let's deal with them.
Col. North: There is no proof of what Mr. Murtha said because those trials have not taken place yet. And you believe, as i do...
Colmes: There have been convictions.
Col. North: Innocent until proven guilty.
Colmes: There have been confessions.

There have been NO Confessions from any of the Haditha Marines. As a matter of fact there have been numerous interviews with the Marines absolutely denying any wrongdoing. Sgt. Wuterich even has a lawsuit filed against Murtha for his statements. There has not been a trial ergo no convictions either.

Colmes must give an on-air apology and correction. These Marines have been subjected to trial by media and convicted by public opinion. They deserve so much better than this. Here's Colmes' email address ( in case you want to remind him that the Marines are innocent until proven guilty.

Cross-posted at Newsbusters.

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