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Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Haditha Marine Father Has a Question for Alan Colmes

I am still fuming about Alan Colmes' claims of convictions and confessions from the Haditha Marines. Below is a copy of an email that David Allender at Defend Our Marines has put together to send to FoxNews and Alan Colmes...

February 11, 2007
On the February 9th broadcast of Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes made an outrageous and poisonous statement that was not corrected on air. Speaking to Oliver North, Colmes supported Congressman John Murtha's ugly lie that, "no question about it", Marines in Haditha had "killed innocent civilians in cold blood". Defending the indefensible, Colmes
said there have been "confessions and convictions" in the Haditha Marine case.

Now Darryl Sharratt, the father of a Haditha Marine has a question:
"I would like to ask Alan Colmes where he got his information. There have been no convictions. There have been no confessions."

On the February 10th broadcast of Kit Jarrell's The Front Line, Mr. Sharratt stated, "Evidently, he is not doing the esearch to be on national television. He comes out in front of millions of people and makes this statement and it is 100% wrong."

So what now, Fox News?
If Mr. Colmes' false assertion continues to be left uncorrected, Fox News will contribute to a tainted jury pool, cause additional pain to the families, and mislead supporters and potential donors to the Haditha Marine defense funds. Through his statement, Mr. Colmes has reached millions of people with the message that guilt has already been established.

Fox News and Alan Colmes must make amends...
1. Fox News owes its viewers the opportunity to hear from Darryl Sharratt or other Haditha Marine family members to set the record straight. None of the Haditha Marines have yet faced a hearing. Anything that is known about the case or the investigation has been leaked by the prosecutors and politicians. The media has been complicit in this and it must stop now.

2. Alan Colmes owes the Marines and their families an apology. I suggest he make in the form of a contribution to any of the Haditha Marine Defense Funds. (For Mr. Colmes' convenience, all the information he needs about fund donations is here.)

These are fair requests to make of a news channel long supported by patriots. Now it's up to Alan Colmes and Fox News.

David Allender
Defend Our Marines

PS. If you have a blog or post online at military websites, please help spread the word. Initial e-mail responses from Alan Colmes were not encouraging. We will keep you posted.

Feel free to use this email as a guide to writing your own. We CANNOT let this go by without a correction...

While I'm on the subject of the Haditha Marines, there is a site set up for donations to the Pendleton 8 and/or the Haditha Marines. Pop over to the Marine Defense Fund and do what you can. They need and deserve our help.

You can also visit Defending Freedom and order one of these bracelets. 100% of the money goes to the Marine Defense Fund.

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