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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Knee Injury, Depleted Uranium Victim and Now a Spinal Injury?

Who knew that being a desk jockey in Iraq could be such a hazardous duty? First Geoff Millard claimed a knee injury...

Millard, 25, of Buffalo, N.Y., walked with a shorter gate because of an injury to his leg he received while serving in Tikrit, Iraq, with the 42nd Infantry. He worked as an assistant to a general he declined to name because he still has a year left on his contract. Because of his physical disabilities, Millard said he is hoping for a medical discharge from the National Guard. “I just can’t do my job anymore. I have what’s called IT Band Syndrome, plus a number of other things,” he said, explaining that the constant stress on his leg from carrying gear is causing it to chronically tighten.

Next it was depleted uranium...

The "Pentagon 5" Iraq War Vets include Delaware Valley Veterans For America Sgt of Arms Steve Mortillo, of Pennington, NJ, Tristan Watson, Chicago, Toby Hartbarger, Muncy, Indiana, Joe Hatcher, of San Diego, California ( holding the Camouflage New Testiment ), and
Sgt Geoff Millard, a Depleted Uranium victim.

Now it's a spinal injury...

The doctors and nurses at the hospital are the best," said Sgt. Millard, who has been on a waiting list for the past six months to see a physician at a VA hospital about the spinal injury he suffered while in Iraq. "The problem is that one doctor is in charge of hundreds of patients. Returning veterans should not have to be placed on waiting lists while they suffer just to see a doctor."

But fret not - this anti-war protester and CodePink IVAW member doesn't let his injuries slow him down. Millard still finds the strength to protest, get arrested and participate in combat street theater.

Maybe this caused his "spinal injury"...

Geoff Millard, a disabled Iraq war vet and member of the Iraq Vets Against the War, was charged with resisting arrest when he fell down trying to board the police wagon.

Millard's injuries sound as bogus as the medals he wears on his "protest uniform".

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