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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Week Full of Tragedy...

This has been a week full of sadness and tragedy. I always get a sick to my stomach feeling when this week rolls around. I lived in OKC when the Murrah Building was bombed. My son's baseball coach was killed and but for the grace of God, my daughter would have been there with her 4th grade class for a symphony concert field trip. It's also the week of the Columbine Massacre which still makes my heart hurt.

Now we've had the Virginia Tech murders which stunned us all. Then Friday, the shooting at the Johnson Space Center. The JSC shooting struck too close to home as my son works at Booz Allen Hamilton right nearby. The initial feeling of panic when the first bit of news came out was unbearable so I just cannot imagine for one second the immense grief and pain the VA Tech parents must have felt.

Last night a 16 year old stabbed his mom, stepdad and 8 year old brother. The 8 year old is dead. The news media here is reporting the parents are in critical condition but according to people close to the family, they both died from their injuries. This family lived across the street from my daughter and her boyfriend. Jenn knew the family and is still stunned and shook up.

And now the media is reporting that one of the Blue Angels crashed and died while performing at the Beaufort Air Show right across the river from us. Everyone was so excited that the Blue Angels were back for the airshow this year...

We can't forget the soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan injured or killed. And those innocent Iraqis murdered by terrorists in Iraq...

One thing that this multitude of tragedies and tragic reminders does is remind us how lucky we are and how important it is to live your life as if each day was the last. May God bless all those touched by the tragedies.

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