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Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Haditha Reports & How the Left REALLY Feels About the Troops

Here we go again - the Washington Post has published another report about the Haditha incident while the accused Marines have yet to even have a trial. To add insult to injury, Josh White and Company used a misleading headline that leaves one with a false impression.

The title of the article is "Report On Haditha Condemns Marines - Signs of Misconduct Were Ignored, U.S. General Says". But reading the article you get quite another impression of what the Bargewell Report says...

"Though Bargewell found no specific coverup, he concluded that there also was no interest at any level in investigating allegations of a massacre."

"All levels of command tended to view civilian casualties, even in significant numbers, as routine and as the natural and intended result of insurgent tactics," Bargewell wrote. He condemned that approach because it could desensitize Marines to the welfare of noncombatants. "Statements made by the chain of command during interviews for this investigation, taken as a whole, suggest that Iraqi civilian lives are not as important as U.S. lives, their deaths are just the cost of doing business, and that the Marines need to get 'the job done' no matter what it takes."

While the headline screams "Haditha Marines are Guilty", the Bargewell report was focused solely on the reactions/responses of the Marine Corps command - not the incident.

Bargewell's report, now unclassified, focuses on the reporting of the incident and the training and command climate within the Marine Corps leadership; it does not address the actual incident in detail."

The WaPo then gives the reason that this report had no business being published in the media...

"Though Bargewell completed his secret report in June 2006, it has not been publicly released because of ongoing criminal investigations of three Marines on murder allegations and four Marine officers who allegedly failed to look into the case."

And as if that wasn't bad enough, take a gander at some of the responses from the WaPo readers.

Yet the perpetrators continue to insist that “commanders on the ground” are making the decisions, because they don’t have the courage or decency to take responsibility themselves

I bet this is just the tip of the iceburg. Do yourself a favor, and spend some time talking to an Iraq war veteran today.

It is true that most soliders do not have the moral courage to avoid committing atrocities, but it still is not an excuse

In Irak, your beloved are killing civilians without any punishment. But when it cames to a similar event at Virginia University, no one knows how this could happen...

There is no honor in Killing innocent People whether Your a Marine or President Bush.

Why is any one surprised that soldiers in Iraq should have so little respect for the lives of other human being.

But...these are Christian soldiers--right?

Just wait till these Gung Ho killers come back to the states. How many dead girlfriends, parents, wives, or people who just pissed off these cavalier killers will we have? The Marines are our SS.

Filling their quotas with ex convicts and reformed? drug addicts!! Expect more trouble......

I see a direct parallel between these killings and the recent killings on the VT campus. You have out-of-control young people, who *snap* under certain circumstances.

Screw democracy. The real mission is `kill them all and let our Christian God sort them out!` Semper fi, dude!

Our military is filled with low IQ volunteers whose only chance at success was to join the military. If they hadnt, many would have ended up in jail or prison anyway. Wait til they get back.

Baby killers!

Disgraceful and reprehensible comments about a dishonest media report. Typical Iraq reporting... But don't forget - they support the troops.

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