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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Will Sharpton Demand An Apology for This?

OMG - I was watching O'Reilly with Michelle Malkin guest hosting and am kicking myself for not having the DVR on... Malik Shabazz the racist "get whitey" idiot was on talking about how "whitey" is responsible for all the nasty rap lyrics etc. Michelle asked him if he would apologize for his comments about the Duke LaCrosse players. Shabazz's response? He actually called Michelle a POLITICAL PROSTITUTE. Michelle held her own and asked "Did you just call me a political whore?" and Shabazz said "yes". While Shabazz blathered on, Michelle nailed him left and right - it was incredible!

Now - let's see if Sharpton will demand an apology for this? Don't hold your breath...

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