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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Chapter II - The P.E.S.T. Epidemic

November 2 was one of the most nerve wracking, stomach churning and antacid popping days of my life. I was not the only one experiencing a high anxiety level. Many of my co-workers and family members were also on edge. This was an election, not just for the next 4 years, but also possibly for our lifetime. The results of this election could set the stage for the direction of our country for years.

Late in the afternoon, around 3pm EST, the first exit polls were leaked to the press. The exit polls showed that Kerry had taken a lead over President Bush. The media jumped on the exit polls, as did the Kerry camp. While conservative talk radio and websites urged calm and cited the early exit polls going to Gore in 2000, the liberals started their victory gloat dance.

"No - dont' tell them to get over it. Tell them to eat s*** and die."

"The turd that is Bush is getting flushed as we speak."

The election of 2004 came to a conclusion in the afternoon of November 3 when John Kerry gave his concession speech. The whooshing sound heard round the country was the air being squished out of the liberals' "we won" balloons. Tears of joy were replaced with tears of sadness. Wails of "why did everyone make a mistake" echoed from the rooftops.

As the sun set on November 3, 2004, it was obvious that the liberals were going to suffer through the stages of grief...

" I just had a feeling that even with the fear mantra, the gay bashing and the outright lying from Bushco and their media whores, that the truth was so overwhelming that Kerry would carry the day."

"Too bad so many innocents will have to die before these truly ugly, evil people will understand what their ideology has wrought."

"I feel sad that we have a country that would vote for such a stupid evil man."

Some liberals tooks the loss extremely hard. Psychoanalysts reported higher numbers of new patients than usual after the election... Mental health professionals in Florida developed a name for the Kerry election loss reactions - Post Election Selection Trauma or PEST. (what a fitting abbreviation)....

As with any "crisis", there were those that took the loss to an extreme that truly defied reality. A poll conducted on the liberal Democratic Underground website showed that 72% of respondents believed the day that President Bush won re-election was more tragic than September 11, 2001.......

Read more in A Quagmire of Hate: The Post Election Liberals...

Next week Chapter III - Don't Love It - Gonna Leave It.

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