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Saturday, November 12, 2005

You Gotta Read the Fine Print

The Associated Press, in coordination with IPSOS, conducted a poll from November 7 through November 9, 2005. The poll questions revolved around President Bush and the direction that the United States was headed. The poll results were reported by Will Lester in the AP article, “Poll: Most Americans Doubt Bush’s Honesty”.

If you read just the article, you will be shaking your head. Are things really as bad as people believe? Are the Republicans on the ropes? Are the Democrats poised for the power grab? Actually there is no reason to start waving the white flag of surrender to the Left – especially if you read the fine print of the actual poll results.

According to the IPSOS report on the poll, 1000 adults were interviewed. Only 837 were identified as registered voters – 78% according the percentages cited in the report. Out of the 1000 adults, only 40% were identified as Republicans – either strongly or moderately Republican. Those identified as Democrats constituted 51% of the total adults interviewed. Independents and those “not sure” made up 9% of those polled. This puts President Bush and his administration at a 60% disadvantage from the beginning. So much for a true picture of opinions as President Bush garnered 51% of the popular vote in November 2004.

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