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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Code Pink Puppet Speaks!

Rep. John Murtha gets more media exposure with an interview on CBS' 60 Minutes Sunday night. Drudge has posted some of Murtha's comments from the interview on his site:

"I think the vast majority (US troops) will be out (of Iraq) by the end of the year and I'm hopeful it will be sooner than that" - What else did your crystal ball tell you Mr. Murtha? Did it tell you that the majority of Americans think you are nothing more than another useful idiot for the anti-American groups disguised as anti-war organizations.

"..A plan for withdrawal...passed by Congress because of mounting pressure from constituents tired of the war..." - The House of Representatives soundly defeated the bill calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Heck - even you voted against it.

"The insurgents are Iraqis - 93% of the insurgents are Iraqis. A very small percentage are foreign fighters." - Nice talking point from Code Pink Mr. Murtha

"Iraq is not where the center of terrorsim is. We're inciting terrorism there. We're destabilizing the area by being over there because we're the targets." - Tell that to the thousands of Iraqis killed by suicide bombers in Iraq, Mr. Murtha.

"One of the problems they (US military) have with recruitment is they continually say how well things are going and the troops on the ground know better." - Maybe you should read the recruiting reports instead of relying on your anti-american comrades Mr. Murtha. Maybe you should talk to the soldiers returning from Iraq and not just the ones handpicked for you by Code Pink.

"It's my job, my responsibility to speak out when I disagree with the policy of the President of the United States." - It is also your responsibility to shut your yap when you offer up comments that serve to embolden the terrorists. It's one thing to speak out - another thing to deliberately undermine our soldiers fighting in Iraq.

"All of us want this President to succeed." - ROTFLMAO! That is a flat out lie Mr. Murtha. Since when do you want a Republican president to succeed? This whole charade of concern for US soldiers is nothing more than an attempt to discredit OUR President.

"I feel a mission here, with my experience, that I have to help the president find a way out of this thing." - Geez Mr. Murtha - with friends like you, who needs enemies. I'm sure that you believe your vast experience in Vietnam would be helpful since you equate Iraq with Vietnam but your assistance is not necessary. Your "experience" in Vietnam should serve as a reminder of the importance of offering support to the soldiers and their mission. Your military experience should remind you that working with anti-American groups such as Code Pink is no different than Jane Fonda's "support" during Vietnam.

Serving in the military and having purple hearts does not excuse your behavior for the rest of your life. Mr. Murtha would do well to remember that Benedict Arnold was once a war hero before he turned traitor. I am not questioning Mr. Murtha's patriotism, I am pointing out his treason.

UPDATE: Murtha has a column posted on the Huffington Post and Common Dreams titled, "Situation in Iraq is Civil War". Here's a snippet:

" 93% of those fighting in Iraq are Iraqis. A very small percentage of the fighting is being done by foreign fighters. Our troops are caught in between the fighting. 80% of Iraqis want us out of there and 45% think it is justified to kill American troops."

"Iraqis went to the polls in droves on December 15th and rejected the secular, pro-democracy candidates and those who the Administration in Washington propped up."

"These particular explosive hatreds and tensions will be there if our troops leave in six months, six years or six decades. It is time to re-deploy our troops and to re-focus our attention on the real threats posed by global terrorism."

So the useful idiot waves the white flag and gives more fodder to the terrorists. I'm sure our soldiers appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

The slime is starting to ooze from the spider hole:
Former dem-o-cra-tic congressman and friend of al-murtha, Don Bailey, comes out on 1/13 saying al-murtha admitted the fraud about his Purple Hearts to him. al-murtha runs like a crying baby to Ariana Huffer's site to complain that Bush put Bailey up to it and Bush wants senior military personnel to slam him. Later in the day CBS announces a 60 minutes segment with Wallace on 1/15, touting al-murtha as a decorated vet of BOTH the Korean and Viet Nam wars.

Mike Wallace, an avowed dissenter of the war will interview al-murtha…..sounds fair and balanced to me…I wonder what the bottom line will be in that segment?

CBS again, in respect to military and war records, is putting out information that is known to be bogus (Korean War) and suspected to be bogus (Viet Nam)…do you think they will correct their error on the air?

CBS who vowed errors in reporting like this would never happen again continues down this road for the 2nd time in a year, the first time smearing a Republican President and now proping up a disgraced dem…..I thought they fired Mary Mapes.

The time line is very curious…do you think the hastily arranged interview has anything to do with the CNS allegations on 1/13?

Is there no lie to big for them to tell? I think we all know the answer to that. I only hope al-murtha wears his code pinky badge on the air.

al-murtha is now acting like a cornered rat……waiting to be stomped on by the truth.