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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Exposing the Enemy Within...

Beginning Friday January 20 and running through Sunday January 22, the Bush Bashing Socialists will be holding another hate-fest filled with testimony about crimes committed by the Bush Administration. This lunacy is called “The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration”. Here’s a blurb about the moonbat parade:

“The first session offered shocking evidence of the scope and depths of crimes this regime has committed. Just watching the highlights from its DVD will both horrify and compel you to do everything to stop what is being done in our names.”

The first session was held in October 2005. According to, the Commission was sponsored by Not in Our Name. Others involved in the Commission included:

Edward Asner
Phyllis Bennis – Institute for Policy Studies
Michael Eric Dyson – author
Larry Everest – author
Ted Glick – former coordinator, Independent Progressive Politics Network
Abdeen Jabara – past-president American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Dahr Jamail – independent journalist known for his reports from the insurgents’ point of view.
C. Clark Kissinger – Refuse and Resist, Avowed Communist, initiator of Not in our Name Statement of Conscience
Rabbi Michael Lerner – Tikkun magazine editor and author
National Lawyers Guild
Michael Ratner – president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and lawyer for Gitmo detainees
Gore Vidal – author
Howard Zinn – historian

Did any of those names ring a bell with you? They should have. Every one of the people listed above are members of multiple anti-American, pro-Socialist groups that masquerade as anti-war organizations. Most of those featured prominently in the “anti-war” movement have ties to other like organizations. They are officers in one group, advisors in another, endorsers of this call to action and members of another. It is a veritable game of “Six Degrees of Hate America Organizations”.

In my latest book, A Quagmire of Hate: The Post Election Liberals, I profile many of these organizations and individuals in a chapter titled “The Enemy Within”. One of the driving forces behind both my books was discovering the agendas of these organizations and how the Mainstream Media refuses to call them what they are: Socialists that Hate America and all that it stands for.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting some of the information that I have uncovered about some of these individuals. Some of the facts you may already know but some will shock you. It is vital to the continued survival of our Country that we expose these people and these organizations for what they really are. This is the anti-war, anti-Bush movement. This is what sucks in the useful idiots at Democratic Underground and similar groups and feeds their hate. They control the left and will not rest until they control the country. Don’t believe me – think I’m having a tinfoil hat moment? Just wait and read for yourself…

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