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Monday, January 16, 2006

This is the Democratic Party...

For those of you that do not enter the bowels of the far left by trolling at Democratic Underground, here is a clip from their weekly "Top 10 Conservative Idiots".

"Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Republicans are real tough guys; great hulking giants of men who laugh in the face of danger and fart in the living room of Death as they boldly swing their nuts across the land... The truth is that if you show a Republican a picture of an Arab he'll cling to the pantlegs of Big Daddy Bush wailing, 'Please! Tap my phone lines! Take away my rights! Rip up the Constitution! Anything to protect me from the infinitesimally small chance of being killed by that scary bearded man! Oh no, I think I did a dirty bomb in my pants."

Judge Alito: "Curiously, the nominee suffered several bouts of amnesia while attempting to answer questions about CAP, but hey- they say if you can remember the '70s, you weren't there. And anyway, if he wasn't a member of CAP then he only lied on his job application. And everyone does that, right? It wouldn't be fair if there was a higher standard for, uh, United States Supreme Court justices."

Lindsey Graham and Mrs. Alito: "But anyway, once Graham was done inserting his nose into the nominee's anus, Alito's wife, perhaps literally bored to tears, broke down and had to be escorted from the room. And the next thing you know, Republicans were fighting each other to see who could get in front of a TV camera first to blame the Democrats for making Mrs. Scalito cry. Gee, I bet that wasn't planned in advance."

"So much for Republicans being tough guys. One sharp glance from Ted Kennedy and they fall to pieces."

This ladies and gentlemen is the Democratic Party...

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