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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More Enemies of the State...

Here's todays installment of the Enemy Within - groups that masquerade as Anti-war but who have an anti-Bush, anti-American, Pro-Socialist agenda. The ties that bind these organizations reveals that they are much more than some little grassroot groups...

**Some helpful abbreviations: UFPJ = United for Peace & Justice, WTI = World Tribunal on Iraq, IPPN = Independent Progressive Politics Network, World Can't Wait = communist sympathizers that ran the offensive "dump Bush" full page ad in the NYT

VETERANS FOR PEACE - UFPJ member group, After Downing Street Coalition. It also endorsed the World Tribunal on Iraq.

Center for Constitutional Rights – WTI endorser, UFPJ, Bush Crimes Commission

Citizens for Legitimate Government – After Downing Street Coalition, UFPJ, World Can’t Wait

Middle East Children’s Alliance – ANSWER steering committee, UFPJ, WTI endorser

Iraq Peace Fund – Receives funds from the Tides Foundation, Awarded grants to, National Council on Churches, Democracy Now and Taxpayers for Common Sense

National Lawyers Guild – IPPN, UFPJ, WTI Endorser, World Can’t Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

Peace Strategies Fund – Receives funds from the Tides Foundation, Gives funds to the Center for Constitutional Rights, Arab American Action Network, Physicians for Social Responsibility, United for Peace and Justice

Progressive Democrats of America – After Downing Street Coalition, UFPJ, World Can’t Wait

Rainbow/PUSH – After Downing Street Coalition, UFPJ

Socialist Party USA – IPPN, UFPJ

Womens International League for Peace and Freedom – Receives funds from the Muste Fund, ANSWER, UFPJ, WTI endorser

Greenpeace – Receives funds from the Tides Foundation, UFPJ, WTI endorser

Green Party – IPPN, ANSWER, UFPJ

Committees of Correspondence – IPPN, UFPJ

Code Pink – After Downing Street coalition, WTI Endorser, UFPJ Member Group, World Can’t Wait

NEXT - A look at major players in the "I hate Bush and America" league and their ties to various organizations.

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