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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Re-Defining Chocolate

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin attempted to explain today why he used the term "chocolate" when describing his goal for the city. It really was quite laughable... Saying that he was talking about white and black citizens working together while using the making of a glass of chocolate milk as the imagery.

What is even more hysterical is listening to the Democratic talking heads on TV trying to explain how Nagin's comments were appropriate and that his analogy of making chocolate milk was right on. They are twisting themselves up like a pretzel to justify the comments.

But that is NOT what "Chocolate" means when it is used as a descriptive term. I have black female friends (I don't see them as "black female friends" - I see them as "female friends") who have described a good-looking black man as a "fine piece of chocolate" or even "hot chocolate". Did you see the movie "White Chicks"? One of the main characters described a black male as "chocolate". It was quite obvious what the word "chocolate" was referring to as the male character was not making a glass of chocolate milk or eating a candy bar at the time.

Make no mistake. Mayor Nagin knew exactly what he was saying. To attempt to make it more palatable by using a ridiculous analogy is just plain stupid and an insult to our intelligence. If you have the cajones to make those kind of assinine statements, then use those cajones to stand by what you said - not cover your butt with a glass of chocolate milk.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin writes about Nagin's disappearing act... Sweetness & Light has a great piece by Scrappleface.

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