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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pajama Warriors

Steve Adams wrote a great article about conservative bloggers in this month's Citizen Magazine. I love the title, "Pajama Warriors". Of course I am a little biased about the article because Steve included my episode with the AP and the NYT regarding negative news from Iraq.

Steve has been such an inspiration to this Chickenhawk and it was his idea that I try blogging. Of course, now I'm hooked! I will always be greatful for the email from Steve asking for an interview about the NYT incident - it changed so much in my life for the better. So a SUPER GIANT COLOSSAL HAT TIP to Steve - aka Trophy Husband. If not for Steve, I would be holding all my rants inside which would definitely throw me into a Maalox overdose - And the Chickenhawk Express would still be sitting in the station. God works in mysterious ways and He certainly got through to me via Steve.

Here's hoping for a blessed New Year for everyone and a special blessing for our brave soldiers keeping us safe!

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