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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pelosi: I Objected But I Forgot to Say It

Nancy Pelosi is still trying to spin the fact that she was briefed several times by the Bush Administration about the NSA spying on TERRORISTS. Here's Nancy's latest excuse:

"Pelosi has spoken publicly about the need for congressional oversight on this program. While she has been briefed several times by the administration, Pelosi has said that does not mean she approved of the surveillance."

What is wrong with the Lefties? Are they so afraid of upsetting the inmates at the KOS asylum and the underground that they cannot tell the truth? Please give the non-moonbat American people some credit... if you were briefed and kept your fat yap shut (you usually have no problem speaking out), then you obviously had no problem with spying on the Terrorists. Just tell the damn truth for a change and take the consequences - good or bad. Your BDS has really warped your brain!

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