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Friday, January 27, 2006

Teddy Joins the Kos Kids!

Not to be outdone by John Kerry, Teddy "Splash" Kennedy has joined Team KOS. Kennedy posted a "thank you" to all the raving moonbats that are working to stop the confirmation of Judge Alito. Of course he used his patented "roll back progress" phrase twice when describing the state of the world should Alito be confirmed. Kennedy called the nomination "shameful" and said that the confirmation hearings confirmed "our worst fears".

Kennedy closed his diary with the following:

"I will not be able to stay in front of the computer, as I have quite a bit to take care of today."

Let's have some fun and post what we think Kennedy will be doing today that will keep him from the computer... At least that will give us something to do while we watch the Democrats commit political suicide.

By the way...What is it with all of the libs channeling Dr. Martin Luther King? Kennedy cited King as one of the reasons he opposes Alito. Babs Boxer used the same reasoning. Cindy Lou Who quoted Dr. King twice this week when describing her moonbat orgy with Chavez.

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