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Thursday, February 16, 2006

ACLU Wants to Protect National Security Leakers

The terrorist supporting organization, aka the ACLU, is now calling on Congress to protect whistleblowers. I'm sure they are only talking about the whistleblowers that leak classified information to the media in order to undermine national security.

"Citing growing concerns over court decisions that have weakened laws designed to protect whistleblowers, the American Civil Liberties Union today called on Congress to enact stronger protections for whistleblowers, especially those in the national security arena. Legislation that would take steps to correct some shortcomings in whistleblower law - but without critical protections for national security whistleblowers - was the subject of a hearing held by a panel of the House Government Reform Committee."

Porter Goss made it quite clear in his NYT op-ed earlier this week that whistleblowers are not patriotic Americans doing their duty - they are seditious idiots that seek to damage the national security in order to further their obsessive hatred of President Bush. Could it be that the DOJ investigation will reveal some communications with terrorists by ACLU members? If betting were legal, I would definitely play the odds on that one.

Much more info at Stop the ACLU. That is one organization that I am signing up for right now and I encourage all to do the same. I am sick of my tax money going to fund anti-American organizations. Crank up the heat and let your voice be heard!!

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