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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Raving Moonbats Firing Both Barrels at Veep

Here's a little sampling of some of the most over the top comments from the raving moonbats about the Cheney hunting accident:

"Saturday's shooting of a fellow hunter by Vice President Dick Cheney was just one more addition to the more than quarter million Americans who have been injured by firearms during President George W Bush's tenure" - Press Release -Violence Policy Center

"Vice President Cheney's victim is now just one more sad statistic in America's annual gun toll."
Josh Sugarmann, Violence Policy Center's executive director

"Just as surely as a fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest means 'Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes', that shotgun blast to Whittington's face was meant to convey that I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby had better bite his tongue and forget about testifying against Cheney, his former boss, in the Valerie Plame spy case." - Barry Saunders, Staff Writer, Charlotte News & Observer. "Dummy Up, Scooter"

"That revelation had many questioning how low this administration would go to quash dissent. Now we know." - Barry Saunders, Staff Writer, Charlotte News & Observer. "Dummy Up, Scooter"

"I think Dick Cheney's hunting accident is emblematic of the staggering, reckless, incompetence that has been the hallmark of this administration. It is also emblematic of how Bush & Co have worked to manipulate and suppress news - usually in the belief that they can pretty much get their way - and always to the detriment of public record and interest." - The Nation. "Staggering Recklessness"

"Why was there a 24 hour delay in reporting the news? Was Cheney drinking, or under the influence of (we-trust-prescribed) drugs, which marred his judgment?" - The Nation. "Staggering Recklessness"

"He can't tell the difference between a bird and a 78 year old man in the distance, but I'm supposed to believe everything he's feeding us about the War on Terror and that he's severed all ties with Halliburton?" - Morris W. O'Kelly. "The Mo'Kelly Report: Vice President Goes Gangsta Over Weekend"

"Say what you want about Bill Clinton and whether he had 'sexual relations with that woman' but Bill never blasted anyone in the face. Uh, not with a shotgun at least." - Morris W. O'Kelly. "The Mo'Kelly Report: Vice President Goes Gangsta Over Weekend."

"This is either a cover-up story or an incompetence story', said a top Republican who is close to the White House and has rarely been critical of the Administration in the past five years." - Mike Allen. Time Magazine. "Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident"

"And still from the White House, no details, no apologies and no Cheney... Officially, Cheney isn't saying sorry." - Dan Froomkin. Washington Post. "Shoots, Hides and Leaves"

"White House aides can be expected to say that the Vice President did not shoot Whittington, which suggests a bullet, but rather sprayed him with birdshot, a type of ammunition made up of tiny pieces of lead or steel." - Mike Allen. Time. Com

"...if he's going to send American soldiers into harm's way, where they might be shot at any moment by a deranged fanatic, he's also going to do the same thing to his close personal friends. He's giving his hunting buddies a taste of life in the Cheney era, when you count yourself lucky just to get out alive." - Joel Achenbach. Blog

"But if Dick was a real hunter, he would know that hunters are supposed to have 'zones of fire' areas which are theirs for the picking... So, unless Harry Whittington went [bonkers] and dashed in front of men wielding shotguns, Dick Cheney violated one of the most important rules of hunting." - Nitpicker Blog Washington

"What were they afraid of? The embarrassment of Cheney looking stupid, reckless or perhaps being drunk as a skunk? The fact that his idea of hunting is like his idea of liberating countries?" - the Left Coaster blog.

"The spin is that it was just a mistake. The truth is that Cheney was hunting the ultimate prey - - man". - Ace of Spades blog.

"Can we call this Cheneyquidick?" - Tbogg blog.

"Bush-Quail '06" - Jenny Backus, Dem Strategist.

"The CIA assured Cheney that Harry Whittington was actually a pheasant." - Dem. speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum. Washington

"The worst part is, he was aiming at the special prosecutor." - John Kerry spokesman David Wade. Washington

"I had a friend once who accidentally shot pellets into his dog - and I thought he was an idiot." - Jim Brady statement from the Brady Campaign. National

"I hope that the man you mistook for a quail is doing well. I also hope that this brush with tragedy will convince you to rethink your recreational activities... But you can avoid hurting innocent animals (and well-connected lawyers) by putting down your guns and taking up a nonviolent sport." - PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. National

I am sure there will be much more to come and probably more over the top than these. But I will continue to slog through the underground to keep you informed of the stupidity.

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