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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Redneck Woman Responds to the Hunting "Facts"

Once again the "experts" in the media do a minimal amount of research on a topic and then write like they are pros. Just look at some of the statements from some of the members of the media regarding the Cheney hunting accident. Comments like "hunting from cars", "too late to be hunting quail", etc. give the public the wrong impression of the facts about quail hunting. Of course this also leaves the impression that the VP was sitting on the hood of a car with a pint of Wild Turkey shooting at anything that moved (like the way Hollywood portrays us redneck hunters). While that impression is comical, it is far from the truth...but hey we're talking the media here. Why start reporting facts and the truth now?

Well I am married to an "expert" and have an "expert" stepson. So I went to the source and got the truth from some real hunters and hunting guides. You can read my myth-busting article on or Right Wing Thinking today. See how a woman smacks the male media upside the head with some truths about hunting (yes I am also a hunter - love to hunt ducks). Damn it's good to be the queen!

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