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Friday, May 05, 2006


UPDATE: Fox and Friends just reported that a cocktail waitress is reporting that Rep. Kennedy was drinking earlier in the evening.

Rep. Patrick (aka Son of Splash) Kennedy's car accident while under the influence of Phenergan and Ambien has inspired some funny lines and blog titles. (yes I know it's not funny but yes it is...)

My FReeper buddies can come up with some hilarious comments... (caution - do not read below if you have food or liquid in your mouth)...

"As I said on another thread, Sheesh, blaming it on medication. I've got a bridge over Chappaquiddick I'd like to sell him."

"Maybe the car runs on alternative fuel? aka 80 proof."

"what... no bridge? no river? no dead party-girl?"

"I'm waiting for the press conference with Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover..."

"At least he stayed away from the water. :)"

"This is an obvious case of profiling. The cops saw a Kennedy & assumed he must be drunk."

"Ran his car aground."

"Kennedy's doctor's records should be subpoenaed. Arrested for booze shopping..."

"By this weekend, the MSM will be blaming it on Karl Rove.."

"How long before he starts wearing a neckbrace?"

"Karl Rove slipped him a mickey."

Some nominees for the funniest title in the blogosphere...
Watching Washington - Yeah, Dad. Like You Never had a Car Crash.
Jo's Cafe - Another Kennedy, Another Car
Fake Turkey - Nobody Puts Kennedy in The Corner...
IHillary - Son of Chappaquiddick
A Small Dose of Reality - Patrick Kennedy Carries on the Family Tradition - Receives Booze Basket from Daddy Ted Kennedy
Leaning Straight Up - Another Kennedy That Can’t Drive? Inconceivable!
Red State - Breaking: Kennedy was NOT drinking (wink, wink)
The Blazer Blog - Like Hank Williams Jr. Sang, "It's A Family Tradition..."
Mike's America - Chappaquiddick Junior: At Least No One Drowned!
Six Meat Buffet - Son of Sot or Don’t Hurt ‘Em, Hammered!
Dreckless - Time to borrow dad's neck brace – again
Real Texas Cowgirl - Vehicular Accidents Cause Memory Loss in Certain Families
Swap Blog - Kennedy = Spanish for coverup
Freedom Eden - Patrick Kennedy: Disorientation Runs in the Family

Let's see a show of hands if you believe that Rep. Kennedy will be charged as Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs... Just as I figured - no hands went up in the air...

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