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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

CBS News - Soldier Killed By Red Tape?

On tonight's CBS Evening News, David Martin reported on a story about Specialist Kendell Frederick and his quest for citizenship. Martin interviewed Specialist Frederick's mother, Michelle Murphy, about the red tape that delayed the approval of his citizenship application. The delay was due to a lack of a signature on his fingerprint form. Specialist Frederick was serving in Iraq and went to Camp Anaconda to have another fingerprint form completed. On the way back to his base, the convoy was hit by an IED. Specialist Frederick died on October 19, 2005.

Mrs. Murphy showed Martin a letter from Specialist Frederick's Commander explaining that her son was in the convoy solely to get his fingerprint form completed. At this point in the report Martin was shown speaking with a representative of USCIS. David Martin actually claimed that Specialist Frederick was "killed by red tape". Martin went on to say Specialist Frederick "had to die to get his citizenship".

David Martin completely neglected to mention that terrorists in Iraq were responsible for the death of Specialist Frederick, not bureacratic red tape. Martin chose to blame this soldier's death on the immigration process instead of the murderers.

God Bless Specialist Frederick and his family and friends. Specialist Frederick's citizenship certificate was presented to his mother at his funeral. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetary with full military honors.

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