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Monday, May 01, 2006

Kicking the Garbage to the Curb

Former University of South Florida Professor and confessed terrorist collaborator, Sami Al-Arian, received his formal sentence today. In spite of Al-Arian's agreement to deportation, the judge sentenced him to four years and nine months in prison, according to the Washington Post. The three years and three months already served will be credited to Al-Arian but he will have 18 more months to serve in jail. Once he has served his jail time, Al-Arian will be deported.

As typical of terrorist apologists, Al-Arian's lawyers attempted to portray him as simply a vocal advocate for the Palestinian cause. The money he raised went to charitable organizations. But the Judge thought otherwise, calling Al-Arian a "master manipulator". The Judge poo-pooed the "charitable organization" claim and delivered a stunning smackdown to Al-Arian (per the Washington Post)...

"Your only connection to widows and orphans was that you create them."

By signing the plea agreement, Al-Arian admitted to...
"being associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad since the late 1980s and providing 'services' for the group, which included filing for immigration benefits for key members, hiding the identities of those men and lying about his involvement."

Those services included funding the Palestinian suicide bombers that killed innocent men, women and children in Israel.

It is a shame that our tax dollars are going to support this accomplice to murder while he finishes serving his jail time. But once the 18 months is over, the USA is going to kick Al-Arian to the curb like the pile of garbage he is. Good Riddance!

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