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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hell Just Froze Over - I Agree with Lou Dobbs!

I swore that it would be a cold day in Hell if I ever agreed with Lou Dobbs. Well bundle up baby cause that day has arrived!

In his article today over at, "Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement", Lou Dobbs brings up the involvement of that despicable anti-American group of communists (also known as International ANSWER) in the immigration debate. As those of you that have followed Chickenhawk Express know, ANSWER is one of my biggest pet peeves! I wrote about ANSWER's involvement in the immigration protest marches here.

Dobbs brings another point out in his article - one that I had failed to pick up on...

"Some illegal immigration and open borders activists in the Hispanic community are deeply concerned about the involvement of the left-wing radical group. But others, like Juan Jose Gutierrez, whom I've interviewed a number of times over the past several months, manages to be both director of Latino Movement USA and a representative of ANSWER.

As Gutierrez told us on my show, "The time has come...where we need to stand up and make a statement. We need to do what the American people did when they pulled away from the British crown. And I am sure that back in those days many people were concerned that was radical action."

How very interesting! I did not know that Gutierrez, who has been all over the TV harping about open borders and amnesty for all illegals, was a puppet of Ramsey Clark (Saddam Hussein's lawyer). Like I said in another post, I cannot support any cause that has the support of ANSWER.

Dobbs also made the connection of the importance of May 1 to the Communist organizers...

"It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations."

So mark this day down on a calendar somewhere... Chickenhawk Express and Lou Dobbs thinking alike. Dang - that's gonna give me nightmares....

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