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Friday, April 28, 2006

As If We Needed Another Reason to Boycott the May 1 Boycott

Went surfing over at the Pit of Despair (aka International Answer) to see what the commie-socialists were up to. Looks like ANSWER is one of the supporters and an organizer for the May 1 Boycott. Here's one of the statements from their "call to action"...

"It's important at this critical moment to keep up the pressure and continue to focus on the streets and the mass action of the people and never allow the politicians to decide how much equality or how much inequality, or how much repression, should be meted out to the millions of hard working immigrant families. The politicians and their corporate backers would like to see this new mass movement end because they know it could be the spark that ignites a revived nation-wide anti-racist labor movement. Immigrant workers, including the undocumented workers, are the sisters and brothers and allies of all those struggling for justice. The demand must be carried forward in all mass actions planned for April 10 and the upcoming May 1 Great American Boycott of 2006: Full equality for all workers and nothing less!"

And to show how concerned they are with equality, the petition comes in English and Spanish...

Just another reason to go to work on May 1 and to spend my lunch hour shopping with my credit card. If my hubby complains, I'll just tell him it was my patriotic duty.
(I did hear an interesting comment today on Hannity's radio show - a caller said that he was going to be paying attention to businesses that were closed on Monday and those that were really short staffed. He said that he would not be spending his $$ at those businesses again. He's got a great point!)

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