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Friday, April 28, 2006

Why Schumer Is Okay With The Doncasters - Dubai Deal

The deal between Doncasters Group and Dubai International Capital got the green light today from President Bush. The deal was scrutinized by CFIUS and the Pentagon. Congress (for now) seems okay with the deal. According to the Washington Post...

"This investigation was a significant improvement over what happened before," said House Homeland Security Chairman Peter T. King, R-N.Y. "It's been much more thorough, much more detailed."

Even Chuckie Schumer is okay with this deal. Per the WaPo...
"There are two differences between this deal and the Dubai ports deal," he said in a statement. "First, this went through the process in a careful, thoughtful way; and second, this is a product not a service, and the opportunity to infiltrate and sabotage is both more difficult and more detectable."

Of course Schumer is okay with this deal. He doesn't have a horse in THIS race -unlike the P&O deal with Dubai Ports World. Schumer was the prime contact for an Eller & Co. representative, Joseph A. Muldoon. Schumer started the portgate hysteria after receiving information from Muldoon. Of course, this was after Schumer had received campaign contributions from Mr. Muldoon in 1999 ($1000) and 2003 ($1000).

Joseph Muldoon Jr and Joseph Muldoon III registered in March 2006 as lobbyists for Eller & Co. Eller & Co are "in the running" for the American ports that Dubai Ports World have on the market. Joseph Muldoon Jr has served as a lobbyists for many other financial organizations. Greenpoint Financial (aka Greenpoint Bank), one of Muldoon's clients from 1998 to 2004, chipped in $17,000 to Chuck Schumer's 2000 campaign.

But remember, Chuckie only had our national security interests at heart when he opposed the deal.

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