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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

National Review Attempts to Stir Up Conservative Ire

I pop over to National Review Online occassionally to read an article. I thought they jumped the shark on the Ports Deal and seemed to enjoy fanning the flames. Today, though, NRO posted an article which has a title that offends me as an American and as a Republican.

The article title is "El Presidente". I'm sure they thought they were being clever since the majority of their writers are totally opposed to any type of immigration reform except for shutting down the borders. Whether you support the President or not, he deserves respect. To call President Bush "El Presidente" lowers them to the level of other Bush bashers afflicted with BDS. It is one thing to oppose the plan but another to just start flinging out stupid names.

This has been an escalating problem. Professional pundits, such as Michelle Malkin, have gone out of their way to beat up on the President. I see no useful purpose in that other than to attempt to increase the hits on your website and get you some TV face time. After calling the President names and mocking his Presidency, the very same talking heads pop up praising him when they agree with him. The people who lauded President Bush for being steadfast and holding his ground now deride him for it. The people who once said how refreshing it was to have a President with moral integrity and who did not "rule by the polls" are demanding that the President do just the opposite. It is ridiculous and childish.

I am not suggesting that one be a "Bush Bot" or just follow along like sheep - far from it. There is a way to express you disagreement without being disrespectful. Calling President Bush "El Presidente" is not the way to go.

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