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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Victory For the Appeasers and Excusers

I sat in stunned silence when the Public Information Officer announced that Zacarias Moussaoui would be spending the rest of his life in prison. So Moussaoui gets to live out his days eating 3 square meals a day, sleeping in a bed and getting daily exercise – all on US taxpayers’ dime. Our government will make sure that he has a copy of the Koran that is treated with respect. Moussaoui will get his three daily prayer times and his meals will not include pork products. Hell, we will even make sure his toilet faces towards Mecca if he desires.

Moussaoui can call on the ACLU or Amnesty International any time that he feels that his “rights” have been violated. Prison officials will be required to treat him as “special” to prevent any claims of racism or religious persecution. ANSWER will start a “Free Moussaoui” campaign to go along with their “Free Mumia” crusade. There is probably a TV movie in the works that will highlight Moussaoui’s troubled childhood.

What the hell was the jury thinking? I realize that we are a country of laws and that includes a trial by jury. However, somewhere along the way, our judicial system has been hijacked by bleeding heart Liberals that place the blame on everything but the criminal. One “poor baby” member of the jury can throw a monkey wrench into the deliberations. Just look at recent publicized trials – O.J., Robert Blake, and Michael Jackson. Each one received a trial by jury. Each one was found “not guilty” by the jury despite what the public perceived as evidence to the contrary. (Thanks to Court TV and 24 hour news channels, the public gets to hear the same information that the jury hears with just a few exceptions.) In post trial interviews, jurors have stated that something as ridiculous as their disdain for a witness caused them to vote “not guilty”. I do not think that is the type of justice that our Founding Fathers envisioned.

According to the official verdict transcripts, the jurors believed that Moussaoui “knowingly created a grave risk of death to one of more persons” and used “substantial planning and premeditation to cause the death or a person or to commit an act of terrorism”. The jury also found that Moussaoui...

-"entered the US for the purpose of gaining specialized knowledge in flying an aircraft in order to kill as many American citizens as possible"
-"caused serious physical and emotional injuries to the survivors of the terrorist attacks and the family members of victims and survivors"
-"actions caused tremendous disruption to the City of New York and the Pentagon"
-"demonstrated a lack of remorse for his criminal conduct"
-"a sentence of life in prison would not be more severe than the death sentence"
-"execution would not be part of his Jihad or provide him a martyr’s death
-"did not suffer from a psychotic disorder"
-"testimony was reliable"
-"was not an ineffectual al Qaeda operative"
-"other factors in his background or character did not suggest that life without parole was the most appropriate punishment"

Reading those findings makes one wonder where the jury’s heads were. What made them overlook all of the above findings? What was so overwhelming that it caused the jury to disregard their own findings?

Zacarias Moussaoui was a victim – his upbringing and his dysfunctional childhood led him to the life of an American hating terrorist. His family history of psychotic illnesses and the racism Moussaoui was subjected to as a youngster drove him to al Qaeda. Couple those excuses for “bad behavior” with his “limited knowledge of the 9/11 attack plan” were enough for the jury to spare his life.

Well boo freakin’ hoo! Who gives a flying flip what kind of childhood Moussaoui had? Who cares what “drove him to terrorism”? Typical appeasement bullcrap! Once again, the United States sends a message of “peace, love and understanding” to a group of murderers that would chop off all of our heads without a second thought. If a tragedy such as September 11, 2001 is subject to this kind of backwards thinking, what else can the terrorists get away with? It is a good thing that the hijackers of 9/11 all died in the attacks or they would be spending the rest of their life with Moussaoui.

The same Liberals lauding this punishment as the right thing are the same ones after the Bush Administration for “lying” to get us into a war that has killed over 2000 soldiers. Coddle the terrorist but impeach the President is typical of Liberals today. The same Liberals who accuse our soldiers of torture are the ones offering up excuses for terrorists actions. Those that are quick to point the finger at the United States as “bringing it on ourselves” refuse to point the finger of blame at a terrorist.

To hell with a culture of corruption – the biggest threat to the United States is a culture of appeasement and excuses. Appeasement and inaction took us to 9/11/01. I wonder where it will take us now that Moussaoui has gotten his hand slapped. Using the victim card as an excuse for terrorism just throws gasoline on the Jihadi fire.

Just In - Moussaoui's mother says she felt "dead" after hearing the sentence. She also claimed that it was "the worst thing that could happen to a mother".

Told You So - The family attorney said they "will be campaigning to have the convicted terrorist returned to France". According to the attorney, "The fight is only beginning".

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