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Monday, June 26, 2006

Haditha Claims Continue to Unravel - Will Murtha Apologize?

NewsMax has a great report today about new evidence that is emerging in Murtha's Cold-Blooded Massacre claim. Quite a different tale from the TIMES reports and the so called eyewitness statements. NewsMax's story is consistent with Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich's account in the Washington Post.

Remember the reports that evidence may be found on surveillance video from a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)? Newsmax is reporting that it is true...

"At about the same time a UAV arrived over the blast area and from that moment on, for the entire day, the UAV transmitted views of the engagement to the company command site, battalion headquarters, the regimental HQ and the division HW. What the UAV captured was a view of Marines in their perimeter, as they went about doing house-clearing. It was then vectored to the surrounding area to catch any fleeing insurgents. It showed four insurgents fleeing the neighborhood, loading weapons into their car, and linking up with their partners."

There are also photos...
"They show the insurgents getting back in their car after loading the weapons. The UAV then followed them south to their safe house. From that point forward, until about 6pm, the safe house was hit by bombs and an assault by a K Company squad. The UAV followed the insurgents who had been inside through town."

Here's more...
"within minutes of the early morning IED explosion, a firefight erupted between insurgents and Marines... Although civilians did die, their deaths were the result of door to door combat as the Marines sought to clear houses and stop the insurgent gunfire."

"ample evidence proves a firefight took place. For example - every second of the ensuing firefight was monitored by numerous people at company, battalion and regiemental HQ's via radio communications."

Now compared with what we know of the conflicting "eyewitness" stories, this murky situation sure looks less like a massacre and more like Marines doing their job. I'm going to compare this story in NewsMax to the conflicting statements to see how they match up. I do recall that the 'budding journalist" claimed helicopters were overhead - could that have been the UAV? Also he claimed that the attacks went on until early evening - that coincides with the statements in Newsmax about the attacks on the insurgent safe house- not the neighborhood "massacre".

Let's see how many media organizations report this story or even make mention of it. Since it serves to refute the claims of Madman Murtha, I dare say there will be little to no coverage. Any mention of this story will include "but it's from anonymous sources" and "where's the proof". It's one thing to report unverifiable anonymous sources making claims against our soldiers, but a whole different ballgame when reporting anonymous sources backing up the soldiers. That doesn't fit the playbook.

Oh then there's this little tidbit. If you believe in Karma, then this will tickle you. The Marines "did catch several insurgents who masterminded the attack" against Kilo Company in Haditha. The insurgents are incarcerated at ABU GHRAIB! Could this be why all the claims about "worse than Abu Ghraib" are thrown about when discussing the Haditha incident? HMMMMM....

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