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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stop Your Whining!

Now that the NYT has let another cat outta the bag (Gen'l Casey's classified briefing on troop draw downs), the Dems are just beside themselves. Can you imagine the President of the United States of America making a decision on troop levels in concert with his top General without getting the approval of the Dems in Congress? Don't you know that it's all about THEM and nothing or no one else?

The Washington Post has an article online about the Dems crying and stomping their little feet because their amendment did not pass but the President still wants to make plans for the troops to come home. Can the troops only come home if it is a Democratic Amendment? I thought the troops did not need to be there. I thought you said that having the troops there made Iraq less safe. But now you are whining that there are plans in the early stages for bringing our soldiers home.

First we have Sen. Barbara Boxer...
"Now it turns out we're in sync with General Casey."
Psst Babs - You are in sync with the KOS kids and the DUmpers. The only General you have ever been in sync with is General Electric.

Then Sen. Carl Levin offers his 1/2 cents worth...
"It shouldn't be a political decision, but it is going to be with this administration," Levin said on "Fox News Sunday." "It's as clear as your face, which is mighty clear, that before this election, this November, there's going to be troop reductions in Iraq, and the president will then claim some kind of progress or victory."

Wait a minute - it shouldn't be a political decision? Hello Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. Who was playing politics with our soldiers all last week in the form of amendment after amendment for cutting and running - either real fast or at cruising speed. God forbid the President gets to claim "some kind of progress or victory". The underlying message to that statement is "not if the Left has anything to do with it".

And poor old Sen. John Kerry... He just keeps getting manipulated by that Rovian-Jedi mind thing. Kerry can't buy a break - President Bush just keeps out manuevering him. Dang It - Kerry wanted the troops to cut and run under HIS amendment. After all it's the least the President could do since Kerry had to suffer the indignity of sitting in the audience during the inauguration. Plus Kerry has 3 purple hearts (did you know that?)
"Will the partisan attack dogs now turn their venom and disinformation campaign on General Casey?"

No Sen. Kerry - we only use the venom on those that trash the troops while claiming to support them. I love it - in Liberal speak, the "truth" is acually "disinformation".

You gotta love this response from the anonymous official at the White House...
"This official dismissed the suggestion by some Democrats that Casey's approach resembles their approach. "A conditions-based strategy outlined by our generals on the ground is a far cry from politicians in Washington setting an arbitrary date for withdrawal," the official said."

So in other words crybabies - your plan supported and would empower the terrorists. The plan that President Bush and General Casey are working on supports and empowers our soldiers. Big Difference - but we know that you just don't get it.

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