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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lefties Make Headlines on "Resistance Fighters" Website

DB over at Sweetness-Light has another great report on the whole Haditha incident. Thanks to DB I finally have a link to one of the websites for the Iraqi "resistance". Al-Basrah... Interestingly little site - perfect for the KOS kids and DUmpers - lots of videos from the "freedom fighters" and gobs of anti-American propaganda.

One of the most interesting pages on the Al Basrah website was the "news" page. Remember how we've been saying for almost 4 years now that the terrorists in Iraq get their motivation from the US media and the anti-war crowd? Here's a few of the articles listed as "news" on the terrorist supporting website...

US Representative Maxine Waters and “Out of Iraq” Congressional Caucus Launch Campaign to Bring US Troops Home
Democrats Shape Plans on Iraq
Senate Democrats Coalesce Around Iraq Plan
Message from Ramsey Clark - Impeach NOW!
Quotes From the Congressional Debate on Iraq
Feingold Addresses Group, Criticizes Bush
House members draw party lines in debate on Iraq
A fresh blow for Lieberman (Why would a terrorist supporting site care about Joe Lieberman? Could it have anything to do with the hatred of Lieberman by the anti-war left?)
Bush Makes a Show Visit to Iraq
Scott Ritter: Blame for Haditha Lies at Bush's Feet:
Silence About Spying on Journalists Angers Judiciary Panel
US Lawmakers Concerned About FBI Probes of Journalists
Cindy Sheehan: Sheehan: From My Lai to Haditha
Larry Johnson: Earplugs, Marines, and Haditha

Imagine that - the terrorist supporting website has articles from the Washington Post, AP, LA Times just to name a few. Even more disgusting - the Maxine Waters' article is actually a release from her Congressional Site. Of course the usual America hating rags are represented - TruthOut, Alternet, Indymedia, ContraCosta Times, etc. Typical list of names - Scott Ritter, Cindy Sheehan, Russ Feingold, Ramsey Clark, Larry Johnson and so on.

Haditha is also well represented including reports from Dahr Jamail -the anti-American journalist that has brought us Jesse (fake Iraq vet) MacBeth, war crimes in Fallujah and more. Al Basrah gives props to Ryan Briones and his mom also. The terrorists favorite Congressman, John Murtha, is such an important figure to them that they even have video clips of him calling our soldiers cold-blooded murderers.

There is absolutely no way to misconstrue the intentions of this website. This is not some moonbat central site that is "speaking truth to power". This is a site that promotes and supports the "resistance" (that's terrorists to you and me). They even have Daily Iraqi Resistance Reports (sometimes with video). There is a special section just for soldiers to browse for tips on how to be a conscientious objector or deserter. Here is Al Basrah's "about us" statement:

"Our intention was to bring together everything about the beautiful city of al-Basrah – its history, culture, heritage, and art. But the invasion of Iraq by the international terrorist mafia gangs compelled us to focus on what was more important in this critical period than the history of our Arab nation and our beloved country, namely the defense of Iraq. Our task then became to gather together and present all the news and facts – written articles, video clips, and sound recordings – in both Arabic and English – that expose the occupation and shed light on its crimes and its true aims. We also strive to protect patriotic, Arab nationalist, and Islamic readers from the falsification and distortion of their identity and from being strung along by the lies of the misleading media."

"Now that the enemy’s lies have been exposed and the heroic might of the Iraqi Resistance has grown into a heroic liberation movement on the verge of freeing Iraq from occupation, the name al-Basrah increases our pride in serving as the voice of the supreme Resistance and the rostrum of revolutionary free Iraq and of all free men and women, regardless of their different points of view and political party orientation."

So here it is ladies and gentlemen... definitive proof that the words and actions of those on the Left are offering aid and comfort to the enemy. The torture and murder of two of our heroes this week were carried out by these same "resistance fighters" - and the Left dares to blame President Bush when their own words are used to embolden the terrorists. They can run from this but they certainly can't hide. Falls right in with this quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero...
"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within."

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